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I'm Maddie!  And I've enjoyed singing as long as I can remember.  I began writing songs when I got my first guitar at age of 12.  I've been playing guitar for a couple of years now under the instruction of Mike Morrison, one of the best regional guitar players according to my grandpa.


​I enjoy time with my parents, sister and dog, and am looking forward to life returning to normal once a vaccine is developed for the COVID-19 pandemic virus.   My parents have driven me to vocal lessons for several years and to practices and games for softball, field hockey, basketball and lacrosse.  I truly appreciate their time, support and sacrifices. They are the best!  And my sister has always supported my singing, usually through kind words except when she had her fill.

​I'd like to mention some of the many people who have helped me along this musical journey.  Jeannie Kent and Steve McBride, my vocal teachers;  Mike Morrison, my guitar instructor; my uncle PJ Groft who has shared his band/performing expertise; and my grandpa who had encouraged me to get on stage with his band when I was younger.

​I am currently into the music of Luke Combs, Koe Wetzel, Cody Johnson, Alabama, and Alan Jackson, so you'll hear a variety of covers in addition to my originals at live shows.  Of course this can change weekly - hey, I'm a teenager.  At present, my goals are to finish my high school and decide on a career path, of which I expect music will always be part in one way or another.

You can "Like" me on FaceBook and check out any videos I've loaded to my YouTube page with the links below.

Musical accomplishments and a little bragging - click here.

Maddie’s single ‘Liar’ hung in the Top 100 at HUGS WRGG 93.7 FM for a few months and reached the number 2 spot one week.  Liar hit the top 100 Drooble Indie, Pop and Country charts. Four months after release, she has followers in United States, Bulgaria,  Argentina, Germany, India, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Peru, Israel, Spain, Nigeria, Brazil, Indonesia, Morocco, Colombia, Australia, Panama, and France.

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