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Here are the first 4 songs I had written a few years ago..  They will likely appear on my first EP down the road a ways.  I have finished several others in the past few months and will post later.


CD Update

My single, Liar, has been released! The physical CDs have arrived. I am streaming on Spotify, and will be available iTunes, Pandora, YouTube Music  and Apple Music, as well as for download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and several other music outlets.


Original songs I've written:


Give Me Your Heart

Can I Ask You


Pray for Us

Won't Let Anyone In

Hell of a Ride

Taste of Whiskey

This Town

Feeding the Fire

As Long as You're My Man

Don't Blame Me

Dirty Napkin

(two others in progress)

More Originals from 2023

Homecoming Queen by Kelsea Ballerini

Opening for regional Across the Pond at July Fifth Friday, 2020, at Dills Tavern.

Maddie singing 'Liar' at The Resistance Room
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