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2024 - It is Time. You asked for it, here it is.

For years, Maddie did not want to book gigs and rarely played except when she was asked by a wedding couple, a venue, or her family. Now, in 2024, 15 originals later, she said she is ready to start gigging. So last week the search for local gigs began. She has booked 11 shows at The Garryowen's GoToo, Ploughman's Gentle Thursday, Reid's Cider House, and D&S Produce (don't miss this hidden treasure). So when you're finished browsing this blog, go to the Shows tab and she where and when you can support live music AND listen to Maddie before she heads off to college.

We are stopping next at Big Bottom Brewery, Big Hill Cider Works, Boyer's Cellars, Fairfield Mansion House, Iron Lion, Lincoln Social, Markets at Hanover, Pilger Ruh Brewing Taproom & Beer Garden, & Thirsty Farmer. So if you patronize any of these venues and would want to hear Maddie play there, it wouldn't hurt to let them know about her music.

Maddie had a friend take a few photos for her senior pictures, and here is one of them.

While she has not made a formal promo video, here is a sampler of her singing a few of her originals.

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