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Liar Climbing the Charts

Liar has been in the charts at Hugs at WRGG 93.7 FM ever since it was released world-wide in April. It is currently sitting at Number 2 in the Top 50 at the Homegrown Underground Show which broadcasts unsigned musicians' songs from all over the world. It has just been resubmitted for possible airplay May 26th between 8pm and 11pm or so. You can listen live Tuesday at: . There are always very good musicians playing in a variety of tasteful genres. The show is growing and you'll be amazed at the talent it is now drawing. Listen to them all and vote for your favorites to support music during these hard times for everyone, musicians included.

You can visit the radio show on Facebook at .

A new song has been submitted from her first four originals, along with Liar, but you'll have to listen to find out which one.

Thank you to all the friends/fans who have been following her on social media, including:

Maddie has a great new song not yet recorded that we cannot wait to share with everyone.

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